Sunday, February 8, 2009

First CNY Etsy Team Meeting at Porter Studios Gallery

The first team meeting was a hit!  As you all know from the email Sue from Ecoleeko sent out, there was great food and great discussion!
Among the things discussed were the creation of this blog, where you can find info about all the upcoming promotions and events we hope to be doing in the near future, as well as a weekly artist feature.  If anyone has any other ideas about what they would like to see from this blog, comment here or send me a convo via Etsy.  (By the way, this is Caroline from Luckalilly Ceramics speaking-I volunteered to set up/manage the blog!)
So far, I have set up a list of the members of our group and links to each shop (look to the right).  If you see anything you would like different about the wording/spelling on your link, just let me know and I'll change it for you.  I also set up a slideshow of photos streaming from the Ning site, so if you would like to see some of your products showcased here on the blog, then upload pictures of them here.
As Sue mentioned in the email, we will be holding a vote for the banner/button design for the blog as well as the team in general.  I think there was a general consensus that it would be a good idea to "brand" these images so they will be recognizable to others as well as ourselves.  If you would like to design a banner or a button or both,  you can go ahead and send me the image(s) via email at  We can then hold a vote right here on the blog to determine a winner.  
Again, any ideas and input concerning the blog are welcomed; post a comment here or just drop me a note! 
If you would like to subscribe to this blog (this means you can receive updates via homepages like Google and Yahoo when there is a new post or comment) just click the buttons at the top of the page that say "Subscribe to this blog!"

It's getting pretty late, so I think I better sound off here.  I'm so excited about this group, I think it's going to be a great way to network and promote for all of us!  


  1. Great Job!!!!Can you add a follower app so we can join as a follower?

  2. It looks great! You are so fast, too! Are you going to list out individual blog links on there too?

  3. Yup, I'm going to do all of that tonight!