Friday, February 27, 2009

Feature Friday: Luckalilly Ceramics

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am introducing a new regular feature for the blog: every week I will interview a different member of our group, and post it here along with some pictures and a link to their shop.  To get the ball rolling and to set up the format, I thought I would start by introducing myself.

First and foremost, what is it that you make/sell?

I make and sell a line of funky, handmade functional ceramics that I hope will be used to brighten someone's day, even if it is in a very small way!

What do you most enjoy about your craft? 

The part I enjoy the most is selecting different patterns to fit the different shapes of my pottery, and seeing how these two elements of the design process interact with one another.  I also enjoy thinking about how people will use the products I make.  For example, when I make a simple tumbler, I think of all the different ways it could be used: one person might love to drink their morning orange juice out of it, and another may keep it by their bathroom sink to use with mouthwash, and still another may use it on their desk at work as a pencil holder.  All these possibilities excite me!

How has your experience on Etsy been? 

My experience on Etsy has been good so far.  I think Etsy has given me a good, inexpensive platform to sell my goods and has allowed me to reach a lot of customers who are interested in my work that I would have otherwise not been able to reach.  I wish
 my sales were picking up a bit more (who doesn't??) but I am going to look into some different advertising options that I have not yet explored, and maybe that will help!

What would you like to see from the CNY Etsy Group in the future?

I would love to do some local shows and sales with the group, because I think that we could all use some more local exposure!  

To see more of Caroline's work:


  1. great feature! we should have some members submit odd questions and pick one or two to include in your interview.

  2. Beautiful pottery Caroline. Thanks for your work on the blog.

  3. thanks patti!
    Thats a great idea, Myriah. I'll put up a post about it before the next feature.

  4. Wow, you have such great work, I absolutely love the colors and contrast you have with your glazes, and the design of the pottery itself is excellent too, I love those berry bowls, I hope you make more.