Friday, April 10, 2009

Feature Friday: Spongetta

Its Friday already?? AND we had two sunny/ almost warm days in a row up here in Central New York?  Lucky us! This week's feature is Spongetta, a shop comprised of two women who love to sew and quilt, Betsy and Sara.  Together they have built an impressively successful shop with loads of sales all over the world-very inspirational!

First and foremost, what is it that you make/sell?
Spongetta is known for the ring purses and stockings predominantly, but Betsy and Sara are both quilters at heart. Sara employs more traditional techniques and fabrics. Two of her quilts are currently available in the store. Betsy has been side-tracked from a love of piecing unexpected textures and colors by the success of the bags. Most of the fabric for the purses has been found in the back of fabric stores, pulled out of trunks in the attic of various friends and family members or are repurposed clothing.

What do you most enjoy about your craft?
Designing something unexpected by substituting a nontraditional fabric or technique to make a piece that is unusual or one of kind.

How has your experience on Etsy been?
Etsy has been an amazing experience. I (Betsy) had been selling at local craft shows with family members and could not give my items away in Upstate New York. The Etsy store opened up an international marketplace and helped me to find an outlet in places I did not dream I could reach. Most of my sales are to Texas, California and Toronto. For someone living in such a rural area with limited resources, this has been astounding.

What would you like to see from the CNY Etsy Group in the future?
I look forward to more opportunities to meet in person with others who are making and selling their items. So much is gained when we all share in that creative energy.

To visit Spongetta's shop, click here.
If you have any additional questions for either of the lovely ladies, feel free to ask them in the comments section below (or just leave a note about how cool their stuff is!!)


  1. very informative, I didn't realize that there are 2 of you

  2. Love the purses!! Like the background info. Helps to know the designer and artist a little better. That's what I like about etsy and this "Friday Feature".

  3. Thanks for this feature and a chance to get to know Spongetta! I'm still curious about the name though and would like to know where it came from. It's no wonder why the bags are so popular, they are simple but beautiful= simply beautiful!