Friday, April 17, 2009

Feature Friday: Ecoleeko

This week, I thought that it was about time we got to know the person who is responsible for getting this whole group started! Therefore, this week's featured shop owner is Sue from Ecoleeko.  She makes adorable eco-friendly little critters for kids! Check out her interview to learn more!

First and foremost, what is it that you make/sell?

I make colorful fun eco-friendly plush dolls, soft baby rattles and bath mitts. I use all natural fabrics like organic cotton blends and bamboo fleece and use all natural fillings, threads and yarns. I hand dye and print all the fabric with low impact fiber active dyes to get the bright colors. I make everything by hand and sell Ecoleeko through my website, my etsy site, through various retail stores across the U.S., Canada and soon at the Hamilton farmers market in Hamilton NY this summer starting in May! The market will be a first so I hope it goes well. I am in the process of making and designing the displays.

What do you most enjoy about your craft?

I love working with all natural materials, fabrics, designing fun stuff and love to sew, so it merges everything I love! Kids toys are fun and colorful to design and I enjoy researching new animals or insects and trying to come up with an interesting way to make them. I also love the freedom to come up with new designs, play with color combinations & research new natural or recycled materials whether it be for my items or for packaging and wrapping. It's really exciting developing a small business yourself.

How has your experience on Etsy been?

Etsy has been amazing. I started my own website, but also felt like Etsy could be a great venue to sell through as well. I find that it is a wonderful venue to network. I've been introduced to a lot of wholesale accounts, press and blog interest through Etsy, as well as meeting great people and other Etsians! It's a great way for anyone who wants to sell their handmade items to have their own shop and feel their way through.

What would you like to see from the CNY Etsy Group in the future?

I'm really happy to see how far we've come already! Postcards are getting printed and our first show coming up is pretty great. Also the volunteering that everyone is helping with shows that the team has some really great people who want the group to prosper, which is wonderful.
I hope in the future to see more shows or more group events. I want other members to feel free to organize an event for the team on their own if they have an idea they feel would be fun. I'd like to see events in various places, like shows in different towns. We'll see!

Thanks so much, Sue, for starting the CNY Etsy Team and being responsible for all the great things that our team is now doing as a result! 

To see more of Sue's work, visit her Etsy Shop or her website, and don't forget to check out her blog!

As usual, Sue can answer any other questions from the team in the "comments" section below!


  1. Nice feature. Sue your work is so unique. Can really hear your passion and love for what you do and how you do it. Thanks for starting the team and being so supportive.

  2. What a great interview. Thanks Caroline, and thank you Sue for getting this group together.

  3. Adorable! Thanks for all you do Sue!